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In our latest video Jay McKenna, the Regional Secretary of the TUC North West, extends his gratitude to the new Members of the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter, acknowledging their dedication to upholding good employment practices throughout the challenges of the past year.

The latest quarter has seen eight new Members introduced to the Charter, making the total Member count 91 (see list here). The new Members are:



The accomplishment of these companies impacts more than 9,000 employees, who now enjoy the advantages of good employment, such as fair and secure work, and fair pay.

Progressing from Supporter to Member status requires employers to undergo a comprehensive assessment and a technical panel review to ensure alignment with the Charter's seven characteristics of Good Employment.

The Charter's overarching objective is to elevate employment standards across Greater Manchester and contribute to the prosperity of the region's economy. Employers embarking on this journey can initially participate as Supporters, accessing a range of resources and support to enhance their practices, before progressing to Members who can demonstrate employment excellence across multiple areas. Learn more, and get involved here.

It is an honour that we are now a member of the Good Employment Charter… Being the first Transport Operator to become a member of the Good Employment Charter shows the dedication that the company has to the Greater Manchester Region. Since 2015, we have strived to support the community and with this accreditation we will continue to support the community and provide the level of service that they rely on.

Diamond Buses - Executive Director, Bob Dunn

We are very proud to be amongst the first GP surgery employers to become a member of the Good Employer Charter. We have always held staff wellbeing and employment conditions as high as patient care delivery. Working to achieve these set of standards that benchmark how good employment should look, irrespective of type of organisation, has supported us in ensuring no aspect of good employment has been overlooked.

Marus Bridge Medical Practice - GP Partner, Dr Ruth Jacks

We were absolutely blown away to receive this award. It was a complete surprise which made it even more fabulous. Working towards Good Employment Charter Member status has been a real journey for us. From a starting point of knowing we had some good employment practices in place we really used the process to spot the areas where we could do better.

Persona Care and Support - Managing Director, Kat Sowden

Our staff are absolutely central to the success of our business. We believe that if you look after people properly, they will reward you by giving you their best performance. We also believe that work should be a place that our team can enjoy coming to, so we aim to provide a comfortable and supportive environment and to always encourage personal development... We are truly proud to become members and look forward to getting more involved.

Smith Goodfellow - Managing Director, Cathy Barlow

We are proud to become a Member of the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter. As a social enterprise with a large workforce in Greater Manchester, it’s important to us to demonstrate our commitment to creating a fair, inclusive, and fulfilling place to work. By embracing the Charter's principles, we are also furthering our mission to fight inequality by working with people and in places to create opportunities and inspire change. We look forward to collaborating with like-minded organisations to champion good employment practices.

The Big Life Group - Chief Executive, Fay Selvan

We are really proud of our dedicated team, they go the extra step to help our patients and so the employers have always treated them in the same way; not just by paying them well, but by offering support in so many ways. With this in mind we are honoured to become a member of the Charter in the hope we can inspire other employers to equally invest in their staff’s wellbeing, and gain the rewards of a vibrantly growing business, based on the foundations of a great team.

The Shakespeare Surgery - Managing Director, Dr Tim Dalton

We are delighted that the Council has become a member of the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter. Our staff are amazing, and we are very proud of everything they do. We are committed to providing an open, inclusive and fair workplace for all our staff by creating opportunities for people to flourish and achieve. We are incredibly proud to have recently been accredited as being a Real Living Wage employer.

Trafford Council - Leader of Trafford Council, Councillor Tom Ross