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Giving people a fair say in DBS checks| Multiple Disadvantage

Discover actionable insights on tackling workforce shortages in public services from Robbie Cowbury, Policy & Programme Manager at Multiple Disadvantage. Explore the transformative potential of harnessing lived experiences to enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion (EDI) in your organisation's recruitment practices. Gain practical strategies and real-life examples from Greater Manchester, empowering employers to navigate DBS checks and unlock opportunities for an untapped workforce.

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Apprenticeships | Making Good Employers Great | Damar Training

Explore the numerous benefits of apprenticeships for employers and employees with insights from Jonathan Bourne, Managing Director at Damar Training. Learn how apprenticeships boost staff morale, retention, and productivity, while fostering a culture of learning and development. Discover testimonials from organisations like Rochdale Borough Council and Blue Cube Corporate Travel on how apprentices bring fresh ideas and enthusiasm. Get expert advice on recruitment services and strategies to attract top talent. Embrace apprenticeships to enhance your organisation’s success and community impact.

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Celebrating Good Employment - GMMC becomes first ever charity partner for the Good Employment Charter Awards | Greater Manchester Mayor's Charity

Explore the Good Employment Charter Awards, honouring organisations dedicated to fostering secure, fair, and supportive workplaces in Greater Manchester. In partnership with the Greater Manchester Mayor’s Charity, we highlight how businesses can contribute to economic stability and homelessness prevention through good employment practices. Join us in recognising excellence and making a positive impact in our community.

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New Members Announcement | Welcoming Our Latest Charter Members

Discover the latest additions to the Greater Manchester good employment movement, making a positive impact on thousands of employees. These new Members represent various sectors dedicated to good employment practices. Witness this important progression for Greater Manchester as we continue to enhance fair and positive working conditions across the region.

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Workplace Safari | Inspiring Young People | GMCA in collaboration with Advania

Discover the transformative power of Workplace Safaris in GMCA's latest interview with Nick Isherwood, CIO of Advania. Learn how these initiatives can inspire the next generation, foster employee engagement, and attract future talent to your business. Explore the benefits of showcasing your industry, enhancing brand visibility, and contributing to community development.

Image with the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter logo alongside the Greater Manchester Good Employment Awards logo with text underneath writing 'Shortlisted! #GoodEmpAwards 02.07.2024'

The 2024 Good Employment Awards Shortlist

The shortlist for our 2024 Good Employment Awards highlights a variety of organisations from Greater Manchester committed to fairness, equality and employee empowerment. Join us as we spotlight the innovative approaches shaping workplaces and driving positive change in the region.

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Charity Business Relationships – A New Paradigm | Purepages

Discover insights on corporate social responsibility (CSR) and charity-business relationships in the UK, written by Mike Phillips, Managing Director of Purepages. Learn about the evolving dynamics, from relevant partnerships to the importance of Social Impact Statements (SIS) and effective fundraising strategies. Explore how businesses can make a positive impact on communities while enhancing their brand image.

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Unlocking Potential: Prioritising Neurodiversity in the Workplace | Autistica

Discover why prioritising neurodiversity in the workplace is crucial for creating inclusive environments where every individual can thrive. Learn about the benefits, challenges, and strategies for supporting neurodiverse teams. Join the movement towards a more inclusive future.

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New Members Announcement | The first NHS Foundation Trust gains Membership

Discover the latest additions to the Greater Manchester good employment movement, making a positive impact on over 20,000 employees. Among them are two NHS organisations, with one being the first NHS Foundation Trust to join. Witness this significant milestone for Greater Manchester and the health and social care sector.