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Mental Health Awareness week (9-15 May) is important all year round. This years theme focuses on 'loneliness'. And this time, we're sharing the practice of employers who are taking positive steps to address mental health in the workplace.

Our way of working is not what it once was. Many people are adapting to remote and hybrid work. Employers need to embrace this change while building and maintaining meaningful relationships with colleagues.

Last year we partnered with The Greater Manchester Health & Social Care Partnership and created a mental health toolkit for employers. The toolkit is an essential resource for both SMEs and larger firms. It offers relevant and direct ways for employers to address mental health in the workplace.

We recently spoke with employers making a change in the current climate, including:

For guidance, the toolkit includes a checklist that helps organisations to start their journey in addressing mental health in the workplace.

We invite organisations to sign up to the Supporters’ Network and access fully funded support.