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In this blog we hear from Chris Smallwood, Managing Director, on what this recognition means for them.


The award recognised our support for the Greater Manchester Good Employment charter. It recognised our values of compassion and empathy for our staff, noting the success that such an approach had created. The judging panel recognised our client reviews and testimonials stating “you would marvel at the positive feedback that clearly demonstrates a workforce that cares and is cared for”.

Our focus has been on making sure that we demonstrate to an industry that is renowned for poor pay, zero hours contracts and terrible working conditions, that it doesn’t have to be that way. Indeed by promoting the Living Wage as recognised by the Living Wage Foundation and guaranteeing minimum hours of work for all our employees, we have shown that not only do we survive but we prosper and grow.

Respecting your team, listening to them and acknowledging their contribution to the success of our company is important and as the business succeeds it becomes a beacon for the industry to follow. We were recognised in particular for promoting the Living Wage and encouraging fellow companies to join us, indeed operating within a group structure, this year we managed to convince our  national organisation to also sign up to paying the Real Living Wage. We know that more companies are joining us and with each one that does, we are continuing to change the lives of ordinary workers and in effect improving the ability of each employee to pay bills, eat, contribute fully to the economy, reduce the burden on public services and deliver a strong society we can all be proud of.

Anchor Removals are a passionate, driven company, with the needs of the customer in mind at all times. They are committed to making your move as stress free and efficient as possible, and are proud to be members of BAR.