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In this blog we hear from Nicola Hodkinson, Owner and Director on what this recognition means for them.


Winning Large Supporter of the Year at The Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter Awards is a fantastic achievement for Seddon. We’re proud to have our employment practices recognised by the charter and to be alongside other strong businesses from Greater Manchester.

Our sector is often stereotyped for being the most stressful and associated with not having the best employment practices. This is something we’ve always wanted to steer away from as a business, which I feel makes us stand out. At Seddon, we’re a firm believer that people make places, which is why we work hard to provide mental health initiatives for our people and put a lot of focus on personal and career development.

In my previous blog for The Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter, I mentioned how our health initiatives have had great results in improving our employee’s physical health which of course has a direct effect on mental health. Offering these health initiatives to your employees will ultimately encourage a low rate of absenteeism. We’re passionate about helping our employees to look after themselves and we always work to create an environment with mutual trust.

To have this recognition as we celebrate our 125th year as a family business really makes me reflect on where Seddon has come from and how it has grown. From a bricklaying business in Salford to who we are today, employing over 700 people with headquarters in Bolton.  

Ultimately, our family values underpin everything we do, with every employee and team sharing the same mindset. If you’ve got a team member struggling, it’s likely to have a knock-on effect on the rest of the team, which is why we’re always encouraging our people to ‘start the conversation’. Yes, we’re building buildings at Seddon but we’re also building relationships and trust with our clients, as well as our teams.

Seddon provide specialist services for the construction and maintenance of new and existing properties both residential and commercial. They have grown from a small family run business to the UK’s largest privately owned and family managed contracting business, employing over 650 people.