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The Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter recognises that good employment is founded on workplace cultures that are fair and equitable to all. Racism has no place in our society and the importance of speaking out against racism in the workplace is critical.

Race affects each one of the seven characteristics of the Charter. Racism in particular is organised and persistent, unlike ‘prejudice’. From preferential treatment for people of a certain race to the use of racist terminology, racial discrimination occurs when a person or employer alters its actions or behaviours to maintain racial advantage.

In partnership with the Greater Manchester Race Equality Panel, this roundtable opened the discussion to how everyone can improve practice and address racism in the workplace. Hosted by John Herring (he/him), Strategic Lead for Organisational Development and System Leadership, Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership, GM Good Employment Charter Board Member - Our key speakers included:

White leaders and employees must learn to truly listen to their colleagues, see their own biases, histories, and daily actions in a new light. They must recognise that speaking out about race, diversity, and inclusion is also their responsibility, not just the responsibility of their black, brown or ethnic minority colleagues.

Sharing their experiences, the discussion also provides advice on how employers can adjust their approach, and begin their journey to providing an inclusive environment.


Access the full Roundtable discussion here. 

Organisations are invited to sign up to the Charter’s Supporters’ Network. As a Supporter, employers will begin their journey to improve their employment practices and will be provided with fully funded support and resources. To find out more, you can visit our website.

The aim of the Good Employment Charter is to improve employment standards across Greater Manchester and contribute towards a thriving and productive economy. You can sign up to the Charter here.