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The Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter, in partnership with CIPD and Acas, have developed a guide. It discusses the importance, implementation and effect of positive people management skills.

People Management is one of the key characteristics of the Charter – it is the ‘golden thread’ that binds many of the elements of good employment practice together. Yet too often, people managers don’t receive any training or support to help them fulfil their role.

In response, we are urging employers in Greater Manchester to boost investment in the development of people management skills. Working through the pandemic has highlighted many issues in the workplace – and this will be a critical part of recovery as we navigate the workforce challenges ahead.

The guide explores:

  • What good people management looks like and how to improve it
  • Why managers should understand all aspects of their management style
  • How people management correlates with firm-level productivity
  • The process of improving job competence and motivation
  • Tackling stress and supporting health & wellbeing
  • How to manage and tackle conflict at work
  • Inclusion and diversity in the workplace
  • Learning and development support
  • How to build carefully drafted policies and procedures

This guide invites employers to explore short and longer-term strategies to enhance the people management skills within their organisation. It also contains several key relevant resources, which will help guide these plans even further.

For more in-depth information and precise findings, download the full guide here, in addition to the summary.


Organisations are invited to sign up to the Charter’s Supporters’ Network. As a Supporter, employers will begin their journey to improve their employment practices and will be provided with fully funded support and resources. To find out more, you can visit our website.

The aim of the Good Employment Charter is to improve employment standards across Greater Manchester and contribute towards a thriving and productive economy. You can access our resources here.